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State HR Professionals

CalHR Managers and Supervisors Contacts List - HR Net Users Only


  • Non-merit statutory appeals: CalHR appeals team, (916) 324-3857, fax (916) 322-5709
  • State Personnel Board appeals: SPB appeals team, (916) 653-0799, for Board calendaring contact the SPB appeals Board calendaring team


(916) 322-0300

  • Benefits Administration Manual

  • Consolidated Benefits (CoBen)

  • Dental insurance (active employees)

  • Employee AssistanceProgram

  • FlexElect
  • Legal services insurance
  • Basic group term lifeinsurance
  • Group long term disability
  • Pre-tax parking information for state HR professionals
  • Travel manager - contact for state HR professionals
  • Vision insurance
  • Workers' compensation program

Bilingual Program

Bilingual program

(916) 324-0970

CalHR Administration

(916) 322-0720

Drug Testing

Drug testing information

(916) 324-2763

Employee Leave

Personnel services branch


(866) 844-8671

Labor Relations

LR information

(916) 324-0476

fax (916) 322-0765

See the Bargaining Units page for more contact information.

Legal Services

Tel: (916) 324-0512

Fax: (916) 323-4723

For billing inquiries, contact the Legal Division's front desk at(916) 324-0512, or via email at

​For Service of Process, please go to CalHR Guard Station located at1810 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-7258​

For Public Records Requests, please see​​information found below at Public Services – Records Requests.​


Legislation information

(916) 323-8490

fax (916) 322-0765

Merit Award Program

Merit Award Program Information

(916) 322-1360

Office of Civil Rights

(916) 324-0970

Pay Policies and Procedures

Personnel services branch

Personnel Management Division

Classification and compensation

(916) 324-9381

fax (916) 327-1886

Placement Unit

(916) 322-3751

Medical and Psychological ScreeningDivision​

Psychological Screeni​ng Program

General Inquiries Email:CalHRPSP@calh​

Scheduling Inquiries

Medical Program

General Inquiries Email:​​​

Savings Plus

Contact Savings Plus for information about the plan.

Statewide Recruitment

Statewide recruitment program

Statewide Training Center

Statewide Training
(916) 445-1547
1810 16th Street
Sacramento, California 95811-7258 - Get a map to the statewide training center

Statutory Appeals

(916) 324-3857

Selection Services Program

(916) 323-0861

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning​​


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